Tourism is majorly regarded as a key source of income and employment in many countries. If not acknowledged properly, tourism can also be a source of the problem. A huge influx of tourists invade the beauty of nature, and they can gradually deplete the beauty, uniqueness, and resources.
This article will be measuring the advantages and disadvantages of tourism.
Advantages of Travel and Tourism.

  1. Increase in Revenue
    Tourism is one of the largest sectors which generates economic in a country. This is one of the main advantages of tourism and is one of the reasons why it has been promoted to a larger number in developing countries.
  2. Increase in Employment
    Travel and tourism provide jobs for people. Inns, motels, restaurants, transports, shops; everything works with the help of the staff. Tourism shares its largest part in giving a number of employees in a country. Tourist guides, Tourist drivers, they too are a part of it, and they can run their lives due to tourism. generated in country ed in a country t and they can run their lives due to tourism.
  3. Environmental and Infrastructural.
    Due to the income generated in the country, it can provide economic incentives for a place to preserve, maintain, and regenerate the environment in urban and rural settings. It also provides a means and incentive for investment in infrastructure such as roads, rail networks, medical, educational facilities.
  4. Foreign Exchange
    In a country like India, foreigners are fascinated by the beauty of India, and they are attracted by the culture of India. Many tourist destinations attract a good number of foreign tourists which in return helps the country to earn foreign exchange. The increase in the number of foreigners is equal to the increase in the number of foreign exchange.
    Disadvantages of Travel and Tourism
  5. Environmental
    One of the major drawbacks of tourism is that it affects the environment to a deeper extent. They can cause risks in life with erosion, pollution, the loss of natural habitats. Even if tourists, behave in a manner, the sheer number of them causes damage to the enrolment. Monuments and other tourist’s attraction can suffer permanent damage. Effective measures should be taken to take care of the environment.
  6. Cultural Clashes
    There are many tourists who often lack respect for local traditions and culture. Tourists tend to lack respect often and to follow local dress standards, get drunk in public or they behave rudely or inappropriately towards the locals and due to which locals get offended.
  7. Economic Dependence.
    Tourism becomes so focal that it leaves all the other forms of income generation neglected in the run and the major dependence rely on tourism.
    Thus, Travels and Tourism has its pros and cons to a different level. It can be beneficial for the country, or it can be a disaster for the environment as well.


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