The study of anthropology is concerned with both biological features of human such as physiology, nutritional history, and progress and with social aspects such as language, culture, family, religion. Anthropology is the science of humanity that study people all through the world, their evolutionary account about how they act and how they become accustomed to different environments.
Studying anthropology at the graduate and postgraduate level teaches a distinctive set of skills, it gives a deep understanding of cultural and national differences and learning of people’s standpoint, philosophy, and practices fit into a wider community, political, and the fiscal context in today’s globalised world.
Career in Anthropology
To pursue a Bachelors degree in Anthropology, the candidate must have completed his/her 12th standard with biology as the core subject, with the minimum of 50% marks. Duration of this programme is three years.
• Bachelor of Arts in anthropology
• Bachelor of Science in anthropology
To pursue a Masters Degree in Anthropology, the candidate should have a bachelors’ degree. Duration of this programme is two years.
• Master of philosophy in anthropology
• Doctor of philosophy in anthropology

Specialized courses under Anthropology:
• Business Anthropology
• Physical Anthropology
• Visual Anthropology
• Linguistic Anthropology
• Forensic Anthropology
• Medical Anthropology
• Applied Anthropology

There are various job opportunities available for the candidate having a degree in anthropology both in private as well as government sectors. Aspirant can go in teaching line in many institutes. There are many government research institutes that offer jobs to anthropologists in India. Candidate can make up to well-known organisation such as UNESCO, WHO and UNICEF.

Few institutes in India offering anthropology courses:
⎫ Andhra University, Visakhapatnam
⎫ Bangalore University, Bangalore
⎫ Berhampur University, Orissa
⎫ Guwahati University, Guwahati
⎫ Nagarujana University, Nagarujan Nagar


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