BBM stands for Bachelor of Business Management and it is an undergraduate course of duration three years. It similar to BBA but the only difference is that BBA is considered to be business administration whereas BBM is considered to be business management. The minimum eligibility for admission in BBA is that candidate must have completed 12th level of education from some recognized educational board with minimum 50% of aggregate. The maximum age limit for this course is 22.

The subjects that one will have to study while doing this course are accounts, management marketing, human resource, communications skills, operation management, international trade, organisational behaviour and business law.

The top BBM Colleges:
o Acharya Nagarjuna University, Guntur
o JD Women’s College, Patna
o Hindustan College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore
o Arcade Business College, Patna
o Gaya College, Gaya

The course is best suited for the persons who have interest in business and have management skills, as the main objective of this course is to make student manage the administration of a company and able to take managerial decisions. This course demands those candidates who have powerful writing and oral communication skills, vital thinking and methodical skills and those who are able to think rationally and have the ability to do research regarding the business use, manage time and should have right presence of mind for making a logical decision.
Doing a BBM course is beneficial in many ways. Candidates having BBM degree can be recruited in many professional fields, they can be HR manager, HR generalist, associate manager, market analyst, marketing assistant, marketing manager, chartered accountant, they can have jobs in other fields such as hospitality, financial institutions, production management, colleges and universities as professor, fashion companies etc.


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