Anyone who is going to pursue the career in B.Sc. Statistics firstly need to understand the meaning of statistics; what the statistics are, it is that branch of science the deals with the collection, organising, analysis and interpretation of numerical data and presentation of data, there is a systematic study of process and structures right from collecting data, analysing it and interpreting it. Information obtained in any investigation in its original form is called raw data or only data. The subject matter of statistic is generally numerical facts. Often in statistics, we deal with averages. The entire process or function of statistics is to study complex data as we know that the data is always presented in two forms –
• Ungrouped or raw data
• Grouped data

Statistics is defined as the conversion of data into useful information in a systematic way.
One can go for opting B.Sc. statistics after the completion of their 12th standard. B. Sc. statistics stands for Bachelor of Science in statistics and is the three-year undergraduate course where one has to deal with the data analysis and has to study probability and inferences.
Top colleges for doing Bachelor of Science Statistics are-
¬ St. Xavier College, Kolkata
¬ Christ University, Bangalore
¬ University of Delhi, New Delhi
¬ Banasthali University, Jaipur
¬ Amity institute of applied science, Noida

Syllabus of B.Sc. Statistics

o Probability
o Statistical methods
o Probability distributions and numerical analysis
o Statistical inferences
o Analysis of variance and design of experiment
o Survey sampling
o Non-parametric methods and regression analysis
o Quality control and economic statistics
o Applied statistics
o Operation research

Few books which one can refer to are-

♣ Cramer:” Mathematical methods of statistics.”
♣ Ferguson:” Mathematical statistics, a decision-theoretic approach.”
♣ Wilks:” Mathematical statistics.”
♣ Zacks:” The theory of statistical inference.”
♣ Lehmann:” Testing statistical hypothesis.”

A person who has higher efficiency in mathematics, interpreting data and determining conclusions have excellent verbal and writing skills and have good programming, and documentation skills are well suited for doing this course.
Doing B.Sc. statistics course is highly beneficial because after doing it a person can go further for attaining Master’s degree, if not they can get a job both in private as well as in the government sector. Banking, finance and research firms are prime job provider to statistics graduates. They can become a market research analyst, content writer, statistics consultant, analysis manager, professor, subject matter expert and many more. Even union public service commission organises test every year to recruit officers in the Indian statistical service which is highly reputed job. So doing B.Sc. in statistics opens up several varieties for a person in many fields to get a job.


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