Digital imaging is expanding at a rapid phase. From the publishing industry to advertising its impact is widespread and deep. Hence, career opportunities are naturally in abundance in this field. Photography is the process of taking photographs using specialized digital cameras and storing directly as digital data without making use of any film. Digital photography is currently revolutionising in many sectors nowadays.
Photography is one of those fields for a career that starts as a hobby and after that turns into the career option for some people. Photography is all about passion. So for a person who is having excellent skills, ideas and efficiency for photography and has an interest in it can go for it. For a good photographer, the person needs to have an interest in capturing various aspects of life and should be a good snapper.

When it comes to candid photography it could be just good looking candid photo or it could be a candid picture which tells us some story and it’s not easy to get that, the easy thing is to get close-up picture of a face a smiling face or a sad face and a lot of photographers just do that. So for a good photographer, it is necessary to have that potential to put the emotions in the photographs. Candid photography serves as the best career option for people who have intense creativity in their mind. Candid photography nowadays is on high demand at every casual function as they create wonderful and precious memories for the families, friends and their relatives. So the person can go for candid photography career who has immense craze and passion for living such livelihood life and make a good prospering career as their demand is increasing day by day.
In order to specialize in digital imaging, a photographer must be highly proficient in with the following tools:
• Adobe Photoshop
• Corel draw/Corel photo paint
• Any publishing and layout software
• Scanning and digital photographic software/process
Apart from these tools, specialisation in any of the tools is most desirable:
• Vector illustration tools like adobe illustrator and Macromedia freehand
• Three-dimensional software like 3D studio max

Very strong sense of colours, a taste for artworks and preferably a conventional artistic background are desirable qualities of a good photographer.

Also, for making a career in the photography field, one needs to complete a course in photography to learn every basic of photography. Any 12th passed candidate is eligible for degree courses in photography.College of Arts, University of Delhi, New Delhi; Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai; Ambitions Photography Academy, Chennai are some colleges that offer undergraduate postgraduate and other specialized courses for photography.
The field of photography is the survival of the finest person who has the best qualities of pictures, has a great sense of taste in photography and creative mindset and also some work experience.

Although there is no fixed amount that the photographer is going to get for his work, on the other hand, the beginner can gain unto Rs. 1000 to Rs. 5000.
But once the person has been specialised with all the techniques and has the requisite knowledge of photography and has become the professional photographer then they demand even more than Rs. 20000.


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