Wildlife photography today is an ever-expanding field; many opportunities are growing across the globe. Many NGO’s, Wildlife channels, and Researchers are working to protect and preserve wildlife from damage.
In India, we are embraced with varied animals and rare species, sadly some are already endangered. The first and foremost step to protect animals is creating awareness about their need to the society and their sorry state of being on the verge of extinct. Wildlife photographers do exactly that.
If you want to become a wildlife photographer in India, step out to work for experience. To gain experience, one can join as an assistant photographer to an experienced photographer or to apply for an internship in a wildlife centric organization. A fresher must begin early.
It is advised to take proper classes by experts to learn the craft. This also includes going to seminars and webinars to learn techniques and craft. The common procedure to begin is to participate in competitions and witness the large vista. Networking also plays a huge role here to bag an opportunity or a sponsorship to start your career.
India is rich, diverse and famous for her wild flora and fauna, like the Western Ghats, North-Eastern states, Great Indian Desert (Thar Desert) and the mighty Himalayas on four corners with unlimited species.
You can also work for the government on a contract basis, or you can apply for National Geographic channel, Discovery, Animal Planet and so on by sending your portfolio to them. The trick of being a wildlife photographer is to be unique and adventurous by nature. Your job is to click a picture without disturbing the natural habitat of the animal.
Your perseverance will always be tested if you decide to be a wildlife photographer. Right from theoretical knowledge about the animals to learning the camera angles you need to know it all.


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