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MBA from abroad

MBA from Abroad

MBA stands Master of Business Administration. It is a postgraduate degree in business administration. At the present time, an MBA is the most popular professional degree in the world. It was firstly introduced in the United States around the 20th...

Top MBA Colleges in the World

Top MBA Colleges in the World

MBA just for your information stands for Master of Business Information. Graduates with MBA degrees are in request, and that demand keeps mounting. MBA can be done in three major fields Finance, Marketing, and Technology. • London Business School...


Study Abroad After Class 12th

Are you evaluating your options before taking the first step towards higher education? Do you think a foreign university can give you the opportunity that you’ve been waiting for? Do foreign degrees excite you? Are you already daydreaming about...


Medical University of Gdańsk

In a country like India, where one of the most popular and revered professions is Doctor, medical universities are in huge demand. Every year millions of students strive to get admission in a decent medical college, but maximum aspirants end up...


York College Pennsylvania

York College in Pennsylvania is a private, non-for profit college. It is a 4-year college situated in South-Central Pennsylvania. It offers more than 50 different majors sciences, arts and professional programs. Furthermore, it provides excellent...


European University, Georgia

Georgia is a small country located at the intersection of Western Europe and Eastern Asia. As the name suggests, the university is situated in the Europe part of the country. In recent years, it has become well-liked by Indian students. Why Georgia...

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