The council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) is a non-governmental Board of School Education. It was formed in 1958 on 3rd November and has its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It conducts the Indian certificate of secondary education for class 10th and Indian school certificate for class 12th. There are around 2106 schools affiliated to CISCE.
ICSE syllabus for class 10th
English language
This paper has sections like story witting, essay writing, letter, e-mail, curriculum vitae writings, and transformation for sentences, fill in the blanks, comprehensions, and rewrite sentences .the exam will be of 80 marks, the rest 220 marks will be given as internal marks based on an assignment is given and class performance.
English literature
This paper has three major sections, i.e. Drama, Poetry, Prose. This paper will be of 80 marks and rest 20 marks are given as internal score based on class performance and assignment.
It consists of three parts
• The Indian national movement
• The mass phase of the national movement
• The contemporary world
• The union legislature
• The judiciary
• The union executive
• Interpretation of topographical maps
• Map of India
• Location, extent and physical features
• Climate
• Soil resources
• Natural vegetation
• Water resources
• Natural vegetation
• Water resources
• Mineral and energy resources
• Agriculture
• Manufacturing industries
• Transport
• Waste management
• Commercial mathematics
• Algebra
• Geometry
• Mensuration
• Trigonometry
• Statistics
• Probability
• Measurements and experimentation
• Motion in one dimension
• Laws of motion
• Heat and energy
• Fluids
• Light
• Sound
• Electricity and magnetism
• And all the practical work
• The language of chemistry
• Chemical changes and reactions
• Water
• Atomic structure and chemical bonding
• The periodic table
• Study of elements
• Study of gas laws
• Atmospheric pollution
• All the practical works
• Basic biology
• Flowering plants
• Plant physiology
• Diversity in the living organism
• Human anatomy and physiology
• Health and hygiene
• Waste generation and management
ISC syllabus of class 12th
• Sets and functions
• Algebra
• Coordinate geometry
• Calculus
• Statistics and probability
• Conic section
• Introduction to three-dimensional geometry
• Mathematical reasoning
• Statistics
• Correlation analysis
• Index number and moving averages
• Physical world and measurement
• Kinematics
• Laws of motion
• Work, energy, and power
• The motion of a system of particles and rigid body
• Gravitation
• Properties of bulk matter
• Heat and thermodynamics
• The behavior of perfect gases and the kinetic theory of gases
• Oscillations and waves
• Some basic concepts of chemistry
• Structure of atom
• Classification o elements and periodicity in properties
• Chemical bonding and molecular structure
• States of matter: gases and liquids
• Chemical thermodynamics
• Equilibrium
• Redox reactions
• Organic chemistry
• Hydrocarbons
• Environmental chemistry
• Diversity of living organisms
• Structural organization in animals and plants
• Cell: structure and function
• Plant physiology
• Human physiology
• Nature and purpose of business
• Forms of business organization
• Social responsibility of business and business ethics
• Stock exchange
• Trade
• Foreign trade
• Insurance
• Introduction to accounting
• Journal, ledger and trial balance
• Bank reconciliation statements
• Depreciation
• Bills of exchange
• Accounting concepts
• Final accounts and concepts of trading, profit and loss account, and balance sheet
• Rectification of errors
• Accounts from incomplete records
• Non- trading organization
• Understanding economics
• Indian economics development
• Statistics


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