A dietitian is a profession who regulates the diet of their patients according to their nutrition levels. They first asses the health of their patients and based on the results they suggest a diet plan for them. There are different types of dietitian. Some of them are as follows,
1.Clinical dietitians
2.Community dietitians
3.Foodservice dietitians
4.Gerontological dietitians
5.Administrative dietitians
6.Research dietitians
7.Neonatal dietitians
8.Pediatric dietitians
9.Consultant dietitians
10.Business dietitians

A nutritionist is the one who advices their clients on diets, food and the effects it would create. A nutritionist cannot call themselves as a dietitian until they complete a degree on diet and nutrition. Some of the areas of specializations are sports nutrition, public health,
animal nutrition and many more. They can only advise people but cannot plan diets for people who have medical problems.

One can become a dietitian or nutritionist by taking up Diploma/UG related Courses. High degrees & specialization diploma course for dietitian or nutritionist disciplines are also available.

  1. DIPLOMA COURSES: To pursue a diploma course one should have completed 10th std. It takes two years to complete a Diploma course.
    ♣ Diploma in Nutrition and Health Education
    ♣ Diploma in Dietetics
    ♣ Diploma in Nutrition and Dietetics
    ♣ Diploma in Food Science and Nutrition
    ♣ Diploma in Dietetics and Clinical Nutrition
    ♣ Diploma in Nutrition and Food Technology
  2. UG/BACHELOR’S DEGREE: To take up a Bachelor’s degree one should have taken Science as major in their Higher grade or 12th Std. Course duration for the Bachelor’s degree is of 3 years.
    ♣ Clinical Nutrition
    ♣ Nutrition and Dietetics
    ♣ Food Science and Nutrition
    ♣ Applied Nutrition
    ♣ Dietetics
    ♣ Home Science (Nutrition and Food Science specialization)
  3. PG/MASTER’S DEGREE: On completion of UG/Bachelor’s degree graduates have a handful of M.Sc. & PG Diploma courses that can be taken to specialize in this filed. Mentioned are some of the courses that can be availed.

♣ Clinical Nutrition
♣ Paediatric Nutrition
♣ Public Health Nutrition
♣ Food Science/Technology
♣ Sports Nutrition/Dietetics
♣ Gerontologist Nutrition
♣ Renal Nutrition

  1. FURTHER STUDIES: After Master’s or PG Diploma courses once can go for further advance programs like M.Phil. and Ph.D. Below are some of the suggested advanced or relevant Ph.D. courses.
    ♣ Food Science and Nutrition, Food Science Specialization
    ♣ Nutrition and Dietetics
    ♣ Food Science and Technology and Nutrition
    ♣ Doctoral Degree in Nutrigenomics and Personalized Nutrition
    ♣ Human Nutrition
    ♣ Exercise, Nutrition, and Health
    ♣ Nutrition and Integrative Physiology
    ♣ Food Science
    ♣ Animal Nutrition and Food Science
    ♣ Nutritional Sciences
    ♣ Diabetes & Nutritional Sciences

Nutritionists & Dieticians may build a career in the following sectors – R & D (Research & Development), HealthCare sector (Hospital, Clinics, health centers, etc.,), Government schemes and organizations, NGOs, Teaching and Education sectors.


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