Drug abuse can be put as the usage of drugs without seeking proper medical certification and which leaves a negative effect psychologically and physically on the abuser. This can often lead to a substance-related disorder wherein the victim usually ends up hurting themselves. Drug abuse has often come under the radar for the threat that it poses to public welfare, medical and criminal spheres of the society. Drug abuse is again a widely interpreted term which varies according to the definition and nature of violence according to the region. Drug abuses are often some of the most common reasons for criminal and unlawful actions to propagate within the society.

Some of the most common forms of drug abuse involve one or more of these noted substances- alcohol, cannabis, barbiturates, opioids, etc. Drug abuse can often be termed as a debilitating condition where one is often drawn towards the usage of a particular substance in quantities which are deemed unfit and which leave a negative impact on the person. According to reports published within the last decade, around 5 percent of the world’s total population has been confirmed to indulge in some form of substance abuse. By 2015 it had become very disturbingly clear that the number of deaths due to drug abuse was on a steady rise.

A form of drug abuse; drug misuse happens when the victim in question tends to alter their state of mind by changing the dosages of medicines that have already been medically prescribed to them. It is no new fact that overdoses of such powerful medications can often have disastrous results. Sometimes patients develop tolerance towards a particular strain of drug due to it’s over usage and can often lead to some severe withdrawal problems. Shockingly, the number of prescription drug misuse is overtaking illegal sources of consumption.

Within the USA studies have shown that prescription drugs were the most commonly consumed drugs after cannabis and what is shocking that most of these drugs are readily available at most medical stores at very affordable pricing. Drug addicts are often involved in cases of suicides, murder, violence, and accidents, and it is not surprising to find that society perceives it in a very negative light. The numbers of teen suicides have increased to 1 out of 4 thanks to the history of drug abuse that they have involved in. Some drugs have been found to cause panic attacks and even lead to the early onslaught of psychological disorders.

Some of the conventional means to deal with drug abuse involve behavioral analysis and clinical trials. Therapy and community reinforcement approach also plays a massive role in rehabilitation in regular life. For children and adolescents, cognitive behavioral therapies along with family counseling sessions are effective. Studies are being continuously carried to reduce the effects of drugs and ensure that the victims can lead a better life; however, this is possible only when the entire community comes together as a whole. Unfortunately, this happens to be an issue that has people standing on either side of the spectrum of judgment.


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