Once you get yourself enrolled in a fashion designing course either to pursue a diploma or a degree, inadvertently you sign up for a series of other training and artistic skills that varies from a range of construction, illustration, design.

You become a qualified versatile designer with necessary knowledge in English, Mathematics, Business, and Art.

The common site of sketching and sewing is however not your sole job. However, it is there to teach students to make them better designers.

Once you enroll to be a fashion designer you are first exposed to various subjects like “art and costume history”, “film costume history”.

Various kinds of clothes, accessories, fabrics and designing. You are also exposed to “textile designing” and “textile science”.

A fashion designing student is trained on a series of parameters like :
• Sketching.
• Editing.
• Photoshop.
• Cutter and pattern maker.
• Sewers and fit technicians.
• Pattern making.
• Specialty designers.
• Head designers.
• Trend researchers.

A student is also groomed for other fields like :

• Fashion Marketing.
• Journalism.
• Public relations.
• Management and merchandising.

A fashion student has to have proper research skills to understand fabric, tailoring and pattern making. These are skills required to critique and supervise to execute a new design for use and sale.

A fashion student is taught about merchandising and as per the latest trends and digital designing and clothing edits are quickly catching up.

A designer gets to go on various world tours for fashion shows and events for displaying new design and illustration. Each of the parameters mentioned above opens for a wide range of jobs to choose from.

Apart from being a designer you also get to brush up your public relations skills. You can always opt to work as an illustrator and communicator in a reputed fashion production house.

Apart from bagging a well-paid job, you can pave a career for your self, because a career in fashion means a perfect blend of art and commerce.

Few reputed fashion schools in India and abroad include:

i. National Institute of Fashion Technology.
ii. Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology.
iii. National Institute of Design.
iv. Symbiosis Institute of Design.
v. University of North Texas (USA).
vi. Melbourne School Of Fashion (Australia).
vii. Raffles Design Institute (Singapore).
viii. Paris College of Art (France).


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