Fashion designing is an art of designing and bringing natural beauty to clothes and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has changed over time and place. The primary duty of a fashion designer is to research fashion trends and should interpret them for their audience; their designs are used by specific manufacturers. Fashion Design was started in the late 19th century with Charles Frederic Worth. Charles was the first fashion designer who had his label printed in the garments; he is known as the father of haute couture by many fashion designers. The term couturier was created to describe him.
Mumbai is known for its fashion. If India had a fashion capital, then Mumbai would be the fashion capital of India. Mumbai is the house to the world-class brands. Designing course in Mumbai is advanced, there are more than 70 fashion designing colleges in Mumbai.
There are 14 fashion designing courses in Mumbai. 1)Fashion Designing 2) Tailoring 3) Boutique management 4) Jewellery designing 5) Embroidery designing 6) Textile designing 7) Apparel creating 8) Nail art and nail extension 9) Massage therapy 10) Fashion communication 11) Terracotta jewellery making 12) Eyelash extension 13) Makeup 14) Beautician. Let’s get into the detailed explanation of the five great courses in fashion design.
1)Fashion Designing: – Mumbai being the fashion city, the fashion designing course is different from others. They get into more advanced teachings in this course. Even though they go in advanced teachings, they also give a quick brush to the basics. Their central concept of fashion designing is interior and exterior designing. There are so many fashion designing colleges in Mumbai, but the popular one is NIFT, to know more about NIFT ( check this link.
2)Tailoring: – Tailoring course teaches about all the tailoring techniques. There are so many stitches that you will be learning in this course. In this course, stitching and sewing will be the dominating part because one needs more concentration in that.
3)BOUTIQUE MANAGEMENT: – A boutique is a small financial firm which provides a particular segment in the market. They mostly belong to investment management. The boutique is an essential factor for a fashion designer. He/she should have a boutique to sell his/her products. Boutique management is the advanced level in fashion designing and is one of the courses offered in Mumbai.

4)JEWELLERY MAKING: – The art of making jewellery is known as jewellery making. Its not as easy as you think, first one must design the jewellery and should be ready to make it also. Jewellery making will go under a tough process, but when trained you will get used to it. If you’re so passionate that you are going to do this as your profession, then I think you will have no problem in making it.

5)EMBROIDERY DESIGN: – Embroidery design is the art of working on the plans in silks, cotton or any other fabric material. It again needs some special advice and care. A minute change can cause damage. In embroidery, we include pattern designing also like we add patterns to the cloth to make it look even more beautiful.
These are the first five important courses in fashion designing. These courses are given special attention in the colleges in Mumbai. From a personal point of view preferring Mumbai fashion designing colleges will bring in the advanced level of fashion knowledge into you.
These are the top two fashion designing colleges in Mumbai. For further information click on the link that is specified.


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