Hotel management is one of the rising career choices for many students in India. While the field has been garnering a lot of interest from the student community, not a lot of information is readily available compared to the typical engineering and medical career choices. Recently a lot of institutes specializing in hotel management have opened up all across the country providing opportunities for students to learn more about the food and hospitality industry. The course spans for three years with a plethora of courses extending from beverages to food processing to up keeping of the front desk and reception.
The four core subjects can be divided as follows;
Food Production- This mostly deals with food preparation, techniques and various processes used for the production of food.
Food and Beverage Services- This deals with restaurant and bar service, a specialization in alcohol knowledge and mixing.
Accommodation Operations/ Housekeeping- This aspect mostly deals with the aesthetic component of the establishment and involves components of room service as well.
Front Office- This deals with the reception, engagement of guests, dealing with luggage, data entry, maintaining a record of customers entering and leaving etc.
The specific courses covered in each year are as follows;
Basic course in food production
Basic course in the front office
Food safety and quality
Fundamentals of food and beverage service
Hotel housekeeping concepts and practices
Accommodation operations
Foundation course in western cuisines
Accommodation Management
Accounting for hospitality
Food production operations
Front office management
Wines spirits and liqueurs
Advanced food production
Management practices and organizational behaviour
Room division management
Specialized food and beverage service
Tourism concepts
Bakery and patisserie
Facility planning and management
Food and beverage management
Hospitality and business law

Some good colleges that offer a comprehensive selection of hotel management courses are as follows;
Apeejay Institute of Hospitality- Mumbai
Rizvi College of Hotel Management- Mumbai
Madras Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology
Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar
Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology and Applied Nutrition, Chennai
Institute of Hotel Management, Bangalore

Most students would probably ask why they should look towards the hotel management studies as a future route. Not only is the hospitality industry a booming one, but new trends and a changing demographic will also always ensure a new flurry of customers with their ever-changing tastes and needs. Another main reason would be the governments shift towards tourism as a sector to supplement national income. As a result of this, a lot of emphases has been laid recently to develop and grow the tourism sector, and this imbibes a lot of potential for future employment opportunities. Hotel Management is a very diverse field and imbibes a lot of managerial elements into prospective candidates starting from human resource and organizational behaviour to marketing and operation strategies to finance. All in all, it is a rather lucrative choice of profession.


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