How hard is IELTS?

How hard is IELTS?

IELTS or the international language testing system is a tough examination in its own way. Since it monitors the skills of the students in different categories like speaking, listening, reading and writing each of these exams are tough in itself and thus hard for students to score well if they are without any preparation. 

Thus, preparation and beforehand practice are said to be a must to score well in it. Talking about how the exam is made to look tough is because of its different method of testing the skills of the student ie. by speaking exam, writing exam reading exam and listening exam. 

so, let us talk about the difficulty level of all of these exams and the preparation required so that you can crack such to be called hard IELTS examination easily. 

Listening: This is said to be the toughest exam in IELTS because of the concentration level required. you need to first hear the whole audio and then remember it exactly so that you can answer the questions after it properly. 

A good practice session is required beforehand to nail such examination. hearing audio clips or documented or radio every day can be good learning for you and can help to decrease your tension regarding this exam.

Reading: this section is again a tough one for the students as they have to read a long passage around 2500 words and then answer 40 questions based on it in a given duration of time. A practice session beforehand can help a lot in preparing for this exam.

Writing: writing examination is again one hell of a task in the IELTS exam because it requires a good vocabulary and knowledge of grammar. A well-written passage needs a very good amount of preparation which needs to be started priorly from the it again is a very tough exam in which to perform well needs hard work. 

Speaking: Speaking is again a tough exam where your grammar, your vocabulary, your confidence basically is checked. it is also easy as compared to other exams but you need to practice speaking English properly beforehand to gain confidence and then nail it. so basically you should prepare by speaking proper English, going in group discussion panels or debating to increase your fluency and correcting your body language. 

So, overall we tried to explain to you how this exam IELTS is tough and what amount of education and preparation is required to get a good score or band in it. Hence, do not underestimate your potentials, prepare for it properly, try giving as many mock tests as possible to get to know your status and do not lose hope because it just appears to be tough once you start preparing and living with it. stay calm, keep up with the consistent effort towards your exam and then surely you will get a good band in IELTS.

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