How to score band 8 in IELTS?

How to score band 8 in IELTS?

IELTS or International English language testing system is an exam which requires a while lot of effort by the students appearing in it just to get a good band. 

Yes, it is a myth that IELTS is a tough exam and scoring a good band in it is tougher for everybody. Just a consistent approach towards it can help you get a good band and land you to many beautiful opportunities for your future. 

Here we will be discussing how to achieve a good 8 band in IELTS just by studying consistently for few months if you are too late to start or by putting minimal efforts towards it if you are starting way to early. 

So, generally IELTS is a comprehensive testing examination for checking your knowledge in English subject, grammars, punctuation,verb and adjectives. 

First of all, since you all know that the exams are taken differently in sections ie. reading, writing, hearing and speaking thus your preparation should also be discussed on that method only. 

Everybody should start listening to English podcasts or videos or documentaries just to increase their English speaking and hearing skills which can help to crack the exam with a good band.  

Reading newspapers in English everyday or reading magazines and novels on a daily basis can help you increase your vocabulary and thus writing skills. you will be able to understand English well and can use a good set of vocabulary to achieve a good band in that examination.

Have a plan on which you can rely in for your preparatory time. Plan how are you going to manage your time for the different sections of exam and prepare accordingly.  If you have the strategy of how to take on the preparation for reading and writing together , then this will help saving your time and will increase productivity as well. 

Practicing before the exam is a must. you need to solve these test practice papers which are available online just to see where do you stand and what more do you lack in your preparation. Solving at least 15 to 20 papers just before the exam within 1 month can boost your confidence and thus help you to concentrate and tackle the difficult problems together. 

Knowing your mistakes and working on them can be the next task for all IELTS aspirants. take a notebook and copy down the things in which you lack like the vocabulary or the words that you miss spell always and remind yourself not to repeat it in future. 

Studying and practicing won’t only make the difference! taking care of your own self like relaxing by doing mediation or walking, journaling, exercising can help to relieve your stress. this increases the concentration and you will then love to study with a light mind. 

The above mentioned tips and tricks can definitely get you a good band in IELTS precisely a 8. So, don’t lose hope and work hard for what you want to get in life.

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