INS Satavahana

INS Satavahana

INS Satavahana is a Naval Submarine in which a warfare training school is operated by the Indian Navy. The INS Satavahana is located at Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. It is under the control of the Southern Command of the Indian Navy. The submarine was built on 21st December 1974 and has been used by the Navy since then. The training courses are conducted by the School of Advanced Undersea Warfare (SAUW). Initially, the Naval Officers of Soviet origin were trained at the INS Satavahana in surface sea training. But in the year 1986, INS Satavahana was converted into a submarine training unit and the surface training was discontinued. In 2006, the School of Advanced Undersea Warfare (SAUW) was started inside the INS Sahtavahana to train officers who have the duty of working in the Nuclear Submarines. Training programs in the INS Satavahana are known to be of high standards and the establishment was done to increase the efficiency of the Submarine Wing of the Indian Navy.


The training program is an entry-level program for the professionals. The course is a year-long course wherein the candidates are given vigorous training in the campus as well as in the functional submarines underwater. After the training period is over, the trained professionals have to undergo an assessment program wherein the senior submariners test their skills. On successful completion of this, the candidate will be awarded the prestigious Dolphin Badge of the Navy and will be inducted as an official submariner in the Indian Naval Force. Certain personality attributes are also inducted within personnel which is required to be a submariner. Among all, practicality and resourcefulness are ranked highly. When stranded amidst the seas, there is nothing more useful than these qualities. The aspirants must have the ability to take responsibilities and make instant decisions. They must show a willingness to take orders and accept their place in the hierarchy. For women, self-sufficiency is important because they will be one among very few women and can feel lonely at times. You should also not feel conscious of standing out in front of a crowd.


The standard of training is so high that even Naval officers from other countries join the training program to become skilled submariners. Naval Officers from countries like Vietnam, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Myanmar, Nepal, and many others have undergone rigorous training courses at the INS Satavahana. Thus, INS Satavahana is a highly regarded unit of submarine training and is a pride of the Indian Navy. The Eastern Naval Command facilities are also looked after by the administration of the INS Satavahana such as the Command stadiums, Little Angels School in Dolphin Hill, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Naval Sports Control in Vizag and the Polo Grounds under the Eastern Command.


The INS Satavahana Unit also organizes adventure camps twice a year and show the might of the Indian Navy to all its citizens as well. As part of social service, the INS Satavahana has also conducted several Medical Camps that have been beneficial to the locals as well. The Unit is equipped with Models and Simulators for enhancing training standards and also has top quality repair yards to add or ratify any equipment to the submarines. Since it is an escape training school, it has also started facilities for helping the command diving teams. These facilities are also utilized by the aircrew survival teams and by Navy hospital staff to administer Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to their patients.

For the future, training amenities for Scorpene and P 75 Submarines are also being  added to the INS Satavahana unit.

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