ITI stands for Industrial Training Institute; its main aim is to provide professional training to Indian students. ITIs are representing under the Directorate General of Employment and Training, ministry of skill development and entrepreneurship and union government. ITIs focuses on providing professional training and developing industry-specific skills.
There are several ITIs across Indian, both government and private, which offer professional training to Indian students and on completion of theses ITI courses candidates can appear for the All India Trade Test and the students are given National Trade Certificate (NTC).
Types of courses
The duration of any ITI courses can vary from six months to two years depending upon nature, of course, that student opts for. There are majorly two types of courses:
• Engineering courses: These courses are technical and professional. They mainly focus on mathematics, science, and technology.
• Non-Engineering courses: These courses are not technical in nature; rather they focus on soft abilities, languages, and other zone specific skills and information.

⎫ Mechanic tractor
⎫ Bookbinder
⎫ Carpenter engineering
⎫ Pattern maker engineering
⎫ Welder engineering
⎫ Plumber engineering
⎫ The weaving of the fancy fabric
⎫ Cutting and sewing
⎫ Wiremen engineering
⎫ Secretarial practice
⎫ Dress making
⎫ Turner engineering
⎫ Hair and skin care
⎫ Machinist engineering
⎫ Electrician engineering
⎫ Hand compositor
⎫ Information technology and E.S.M. engineering
⎫ Fitter engineering
⎫ Civil engineering
⎫ Mechanical engineering
⎫ Pump operator
⎫ Surveyor engineering
⎫ Electronic mechanic
⎫ Electrician
⎫ Machinist grinder
⎫ IT and automatic system maintenance
⎫ Draughtsman civil
⎫ Surveyor
⎫ Supervisor
⎫ Radiology technician
⎫ Insurance agent
⎫ Radio and TV mechanic
⎫ Library and information science
⎫ Auto electrician
⎫ Architectural assistant
⎫ Crèche management
⎫ Vessel navigator
⎫ Wire man
⎫ Para legal assistant
⎫ Counseling skills
⎫ Gold smith
⎫ Computer hardware and networking
⎫ Finance executive
⎫ Catering and hospitality assistant
⎫ Surface ornamentation techniques
⎫ Institution house keeping
⎫ Mason
⎫ Computer operator and programming assistance
⎫ Fashion technology
⎫ Electroplater
⎫ Office assistant
⎫ Business management
⎫ Floriculture and landscaping
⎫ Marketing executive
⎫ Call center assistant
⎫ Corporate house keeping
⎫ Medical transcription
⎫ Tourist guide


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