It primarily is techniques and process used to enhance the productivity of a business. Data is collected and categorized to identify and analyze the various behavioral patterns of the consumer all over.
It is a proper scientific process and it is a tool of technological advancement and better day invention.

Data Analytics is still an evolving field. It is going through a gradual progression of development.

The various job roles that one can avail to as a data analyst is data engineer, data miner, data scientist, or a data visualizer.

Therefore the various career opportunities that one has availed to in this field are:

  1. Descriptive Analytics: their job is to summarize what happened that may be a purchase or an event. And the job also revolves around to analyze what is going on around. 80% of the big data that is used to analyze a particular data is actually forms of descriptive analytics.
  2. Marketing / Predictive Analytics: their job is to forecast on what will happen in the future. It is a discourse to hit the bull’s eye. Like 100% sales. Herein the data is collected and studied to analyze a customer’s behavioral pattern and offer or help the customer on what he/she wants. It is almost like offering the customer a series of options before a customer searches for it. It can also be as simple as predicting what the customer wants and sending them emails with a series of options to choose from.
  3. Prescriptive Analytics: their job is to study the behavioral pattern and depending upon their action taken they are prescribed to take a course of action. After the study of the data, they are recommended to take a course of action.

Few examples of everyday data analytics are facebook recommending friends for you or youtube recommending videos for you.


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