In a country obsessed with producing a multitude of engineers and doctors every year, it is a little wonder that law has been a career path chosen by only a few. This does not go to say that law is not a rewarding and enriching career option, rather it is a road less traveled by today’s student populace. One of the biggest issues is probably the mismatch that future career options present to the freshly graduated students. Another aspect could be the lack of exposure that law receives as a career option.

One misconception that exists with law schools is that the application process is very cumbersome and tedious wherein just a bachelors or masters degree suffices. Another question that most aspirants are curious about is whether the field can sustain itself in the long run and the benefits that this chosen field encompasses. Not only does a law course imbibe sufficient elements of theoretical knowledge but provide a vast playing field for real-life situations and simulations.

Law is probably one of the rare career choices where the application of all the accumulated facts and figures comes in use during practice. Regarding the longevity that law offers as a career option, it can be summed up in the following sentence- as long as we humans exist, our need for society, boundaries and conscientious actions will remain essential for survival. Here comes the increasing need for a newer generation of lawyers armed with the latest legal ammunition to ensure that survival of the preexisting justice system. There will always be a need for lawyers to represent a person or an organization since we as humans can rarely exist without conflict of interests.

Another lucrative aspect of the law is the amazing diversity that it can offer. Organizations ranging from a small private establishment to war criminals, law and legal structures exist everywhere. As more and more societies meld and change their demographics, so does their social and political structure which leaves to the fabric of the legal landscape as ever-changing. For instance, anti-apartheid laws changed the scenario throughout the Americas abolishing the slave trade and eradicating racism. Women’s laws were revised lately in South Korea which gives more adages to women now.

And something closer to home, Section 377, which basically led to the decriminalization of something that was considered to be offensive earlier. All these societal changes make the law a perfect and lucrative option to engage in. Lawyers have an extensive portfolio when it comes to their functionality. Lawyers can act as legal counselors or attorneys. They are generally sought after by bigger corporations and influential organizations. Compliance analyst is another post wherein one can ensure proper governance being carried out.

A lawyer can also don the roles of a judge and an arbitrator. Some other options could be a legal analyst, conflict analyst and forensic expert. Law might be a stream that’s less traveled but the benefits in the long run heavily outweigh the skepticism associated with it. For a country as large and demographically as diverse as ours, there is a need of the moment to create more talented young lawyers who would be the new pillars of justice for our society.


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