Maharani Kasiswari College

Maharani Kasiswari College

The Maharani Kasiswari College is a part of the Manindra Chandra College. The Manindra Chandra College was set up in 1947 by Maharaja Sris Chandra of the Cossimbazar Royal Family of Murshidabad in the ancestral property of Maharaja Manindra Nandy. His wife was Maharani Kasiswari Ji. In July 1947, the Manindra Chandra College was established by the UGC and was divided into 3 parts, morning, day and night college. The morning college was reserved only for female aspirants and was then named after Maharani Kasiswari, who had lived in that home since she was a 7-year old bride. Their aim is to provide support to women in all aspects of life and help them become independent by moving past the shackles of patriarchal society through higher education. 

Courses at Maharani Kasiswari College:

The Maharani Kasiswari college offers various Under Graduate courses in subjects all across the board like Bengali, Commerce, Computer Science, Economics, Education, Environmental Science, Geography, Hindi, Library Studies, Hindi, History, Food and Nutrition, Philosophy, Political Science and Psychology amongst others. 

You can major (BA) in Tourism and travel from Maharani Kasiswari college. You can also get a B.Com in Tourism along with Cost and Management Accounting. 

There is also the option of going for Career Oriented courses for those who do not want to enrol in a full time 3 to the 4-year course. You can get certified in Computer skills, English Proficiency, Computer Literacy with WEBEL Technology Ltd. Along with a CLTP course. They also have a Netaji Subhas Open University opening soon. 

Amenities at Maharani Kasiswari College:

The Maharani Kasiswari campus hosts a lot of Department Buildings along with Academic Buildings. There is proper healthcare provided to students through the college’s tie-up with the North Calcutta Regional Centre of Students’ Health Home and the main centre of Students’ Health Home. There are laboratories for every department that needs them, like psychology, geography, computer science, and food and nutrition. The campus is working towards becoming fully digital and has computerized offices already. The campus has a Central Library along with Departmental Libraries. They also have smart classes. 

Admissions at Maharani Kasiswari College:

The admission application process at Maharani Kasiswari College is entirely online. The admission is on the basis of merit, without any entrance examination. They take into consideration your marks in 12th-grade board exams on the basis of the documents uploaded online. They then have a merit list published and e-counselling is done. The selection is also dependent on the subject or subjects you have chosen to pursue in the college for higher education. After e-counselling, if you are selected, you are required to pay the fees and come in for physical verification of documents. In case anything is found to not match, admission can be cancelled.

Student Life at Maharani Kasiswari College:

The campus conducts Yoga classes to promote the fitness of not only the mind but also the body. They believe in the power of yoga to uplift a woman.  There is also an in-house gymnasium for any student to use as per their wishes. The cultural life in this college is very rich. There are events in dance, music, drama, and art along with poojas and festivities. There are inter-college competitions and sports meets conducted too.

Along with that, there are scholarships and stipends available to meritorious students at Maharani Kasiswari College, NCC, and remedial coaching. There is also the students’ Benevolent Fund and other activities are undertaken to increase social work and responsibility amongst students.  

Placements at Maharani Kasiswari College:

There is a Counselling and Placement Cell in place at Maharani Kasiswari College which brings companies and graduates closer by conducting campus placement interviews and training students for such interviews and further in life. There are seminars conducted by companies like Dreamzone, NIIT, ICS, and the college also is in collaboration with WEBEL Technology Ltd. to provide computer literacy to students. 

Fee Structure at Maharani Kasiswari College:

The fee structure is extensively based on course and disciplines it can be checked here:

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