Mass communication is the communication with masses, mass communication is between two entities with a large audience set. Communication through tv, newspapers, magazines, etc… comes under this. Mass communication is a medium of dispersing information to a large/group of people. In recent years, the field of mass communication has evolved so much that there are students who want to pursue mass communication. There are so many circumstances that you will be facing because nowadays there are so many students who want to belong to the media-related field. Earlier people had no ways to get information or for communication, our grandfathers would have suffered without mass communication, but nowadays smart TV’s and streaming devices have stolen the market and they were around in 43% households in the year 2016. These new forms of broadcasting have also created a digital revolution. We are in the era where people get submerged into Netflix or Amazon etc… we have everything in our hands (i.e.) after the era of television we are in the stage where we have everything in a small device called “smartphone”. Thank god that as it is in remote size, we don’t have a remote to operate it and then eventually there emerged the term “digital marketing” and it has become fruit for all the businessman/ for the channel holders.
M.A. MASS COMMUNICATION (i.e.) Masters of Arts in Mass Communication is a post-graduate course offered in mass media. The courses mainly focus on ideas and outlets of mass communication, those who want to pursue this course should have a bachelor degree in any UG mass media courses. Most of the colleges conduct an entrance test to get into masters in this degree. The process is entrance test, personal interview and then admission. The entrance test has two sections objective and subjective and the entrance test is designed in a way to test the language and writing skills of a student or candidate. Topics might be reading and language comprehension, logical and analytical reasoning, mass communication and media aptitude, general knowledge and current affairs, after the entrance test students are shortlisted for the personal interview and then for the admission process. Being a post-graduate degree, its duration is of 2 years.

    These are the top three colleges for masters of mass communication in Delhi, Haryana, and Maharashtra.
    Syllabus of mass communication are Human Communication, Mass Communication, Print media, electronic media, advertising and corporate, production portfolio, basic camera handling, video editing, sound recording, graphics designing, radio production, newspaper production, anchoring and reporting, advertising production, public relation industry, these are the portions for 1st year in M.A. Mass Communication and for the 2nd year we have media writing, media production, media management, media laws, media research, production portfolio 2, TV production, film documentary, video editing, and advertising production. We now know the syllabus for two-year master degree in mass communication. Anyone can do this course, but it would be easy for those who pursue media-related courses.


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