There are a variety of photography skills, ideas, technical trick and interesting, fun strategies to take photographs.
Use of compact camera: Try taking photographs for a day with the compact camera or smartphone, taking care for each photograph as one would do while using a DSLR camera. Use lighting setup, flashes and create your creativity.
Explore for new locations: For a landscape photographer and portrait photographer, explore for the waterfalls, forests, mountains, rainforest, wildlife, and beautiful parks nearby for an edible landscape.
Include chalk drawings: merging an even drawing with authentic objects is always a good trick for photography. It is the altering of ordinary objects with a couple of chalk lines and turning them into another or a new one.
Try flower photography: Flowers are an ideal subject for motionless photography. It’s not possible to have flowers in a frame and get a dreary image.
Play with food: Food photography is wide and flexible photography. One can take a shot of well-cooked food or even raw food.
Photograph scenes through small gaps or holes: Photographing a scene through holes holds a lot of excitement. It type of technique abstracts the image and throw an attractive gloom and make it picture capture moment.
Create a photo sequence: Photographer can take many different photos and photo series can tell a story. For example, taking a series of photos, of a tree changing through the seasons.
Team up with another photographer: Teaming up with another photographer can be really helpful as the other will learn new techniques, and will be enthused by each others way of photography and will learn a lot of new things.
Immortalize your image: Using yourself for the photography is to do experiments with the poses, costumes and specialize in a self-portrait.


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