A bank is a financial institution which accepts deposits from the public and creates credit. It also provides loan such as educational loan, business loan, marriages loan etc.…Banking sector is the section of the economy devoted to holding of the assets for others. It is a financial institution which allows in lending and investing money by the people. The banking sector has done wonders in the world economy. People keep their money in the bank only when they trust, therefore, for a bank trust is more important. It has both advantages and disadvantages. There are two types of the banking sector: – 1) Private sector 2) Public sector. Public sector banks are owned by the government, and private sector banks are owned by private bodies.
A career in banking is opened for all irrespective of caste, gender, age etc…one who wants to get a job in the bank should know aptitude and attitude. Banks hire and train people who are so very keenly interested in working in banks. Bank employees should be well organized and should have strong computer knowledge.
Rapid growth and wide popularity of branch banking system are due to various advantages are as follows: – SAFETY OF PUBLIC WEALTH, a bank mainly focuses on “safety”. As mentioned above trust plays an important role in banking. The bank should provide safety to customers, and in return, customers should have trust towards the bank, it’s a vice-versa situation.
ECONOMY ON LARGE SCALE OPERATIONS: – Here, highly trained but inexperienced staffs are appointed to increase the efficiency of management. Division of labour is introduced which results greater in the working of the bank.
DEPOSITS AND AVAILABILITY OF LOANS: – When savings are plenty, deposits are received. Loans are extended where funds are scarce, and interest rates are high.
UNIFORM INTEREST RATE: – The interest rate is uniformly increased yearly which brings funds for the bank itself.
COMPETITIVE SALARIES AND BENEFITS: – People working in banks gets a good amount of salary to lead his/her life on her own (i.e.) one will get comparably good allowance than any other sectors. Secondly, banks provide retirement benefits.
EXCELLENT WORKING CONDITIONS AND HOURS: – Weekly five days of work and less number of working hours and stress-free life is all a human need to lead his/her own life and I know bank provides all of these. Bank holidays are maximum that someone can get in any job sector.

JOB LOCATION: -Job location will not always be our choice, sometimes there will be transfer. One must face challenges like these mainly if he/she wants to work in a bank.
SLOW PROMOTION: – One should not always expect immediate promotion. The promotion will happen when you have a good time and according to how you work.
NOT VERY MUCH ANNUAL INCREMENT: – Even though the bank provides a good amount of salary but increment will not have a huge impact. Eventually increment happens in this sector. Expecting a high increment of salary will lead to disappointment.
SINGLE DESK JOB: – Sometimes working in a single desk always, becomes boring. Sometimes you get annoyed for working on the same pattern. But if you’re so interested in this job, you will find it easier.
Even though there are some risk factors seen in banks that don’t mean everyone will be facing it. Bank jobs are applicable to anyone, its a wonderful open opportunity to anyone who is struggling to take a decision in life as to what to do or what not to. Since its applicable to everyone but perspectives differs, therefore, it’s up to ones wish whether to take up this job or not.


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