Psychology Career in India

Psychology Career in India


The study of human behavior is called psychology. They are called a psychologist. Their work is to examine a person reaction, emotion and their understanding of the different thing. 

They are basically therapists or counselors who examine one’s mindset.

They are responsible for identifying behavioral issues. It involves all the aspects of life such as work, relationships, family and friends, etc.

Psychology is one of the best professional choices for high lucrative jobs of all time.

There are many career options related to psychology in India. Psychology is a widespread course in which people have started making them as a profession as well.

We are living in a fast pacing world with various complexities, sickness, disorders, mental fatigue, etc. psychology offers studies and solutions to various aspects of life along with career opportunities.

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Skills required:-

For a person to become a psychologist he/she needs to have relevant skillsets such as:

  • The candidate should have an analytical thinking ability for diagnosing the patients.
  • The candidate should have excellent communication skills for soothing the patients who visit them.
  • The most important is patience.
  • A passion and dedication towards the profession.

Types of psychology courses:-

  • Counseling psychology:

This type of psychology deals with impairing interpersonal abilities throughout the life span. It mainly focuses on social, emotional, vocational, educational, health, etc. they help people recognize their abilities, strengths, and problem-solving abilities. The patients coming to them do not have any issues they just want to make their daily activities efficient. TheseNGOshologists are mainly found at NGO’s, social centers, career guidance centers, therapy centers, etc.

  • Clinical psychology:

People suffering from any type of psychological disorder visit a clinical psychologist. People suffering from any type of griefs approach them as a therapist. These clinical psychologists are experts in a wide variety of patients from all age groups and re very good in their profession. The demand for clinical psychologists will be increasing day by day due to the over speeding work life and increasing stress and complexity.

  • Child psychology:

These psychologists are specialists for children. They ensure the proper development of children. They study how the human body is developed in a lifetime. 

They focus on infants, adulthood and entire life. They deal with motor skills, emotional balance, etc. they indulge the child in interacting, logical thinking and learning ability. They work in schools, NGO’s and help students in improving their academic record. 

  • Sports psychology:

They deal with the performance of the athlete as well as they’re well being. They make a huge difference in the performance of the sportsperson making them full of positive energy, optimal, motivational and all the good things. This course is very new in India and as India is developing towards new sports this will be in high demand in a few years.

They work in sports centers and many leagues.

  • Nerve psychology:

The nerve psychologist is called neuropsychologists. They are correlated to the clinical psychologists. They look after the brain behavior and the central nervous system. Patients having brain injury or nervous system disorder consult the neuropsychologist. They evaluate, treat and rehabilitate patients’ mental behavior and nervous breakdown. They are indulged in many research work activities for understanding the abnormalities of human brain behavior. They research various diseases such as Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, etc.

  • Geriatric psychology:

The geriatric psychologist is also known as a neuropsychiatrist. With the increase in age people suffer from various disorders such as stress, hypertension, anxiety, after retirement life, loneliness, etc also increases and hence that’s when geriatric psychologists come into the picture. Due to various disorders, people often tend to commit suicide. It is the work of geriatric psychologists to encourage and motivate people to live life without any grief and tension. Often mental health of children is overlooked by the parents leading to heart disease, cataracts, diabetes, etc. this is overcome by consulting a geriatric psychologist. This field of psychology is in high demand in various parts of the world and is also growing in India as several people are suffering from these diseases. 

  • Engineering psychology:

This is a very new field of psychology .they work in the designing process eliminating re-design expenses after the launch of the product. A psychologist who is employed by any electronic and home appliances company work along with a product designer and takes safety measures along with its operating options. This field of psychology is very new and is increasing its demand in the US and worldwide. 

  • Career psychology:

These psychiatrists provide career guidance tips helping the people to choose or leave a career at any stage of life. They are similar to school counselors but these work with various age groups from different professions of life. They are best at providing proper guidance on life and career.

Top colleges of psychology in India:-

  1. St.xaviers college.
  2. K.j.somaiya college of arts and commerce.
  3. Gargi college.
  4. Amity University.
  5. Jai hind college.
  6. Mithibai college.
  7. Tata Institute of social sciences.
  8. Presidency college.
  9. Christ University.
  10. Banaras Hindu college.
  11. Loreto college.
  12. Bheem Rao Ambedkar college.
  13. Sarojini Naidu government girls college.
  14. DAV college.
  15. IIPR.
  16. KLE university.
  17. Holy cross college.
  18. Gujarati forensic sciences university.
  19. Galgotias university.
  20. Osmania university college of women.

And many many many more as this course has evolved largely in our country in the past few years.

Also, many online courses are available on the internet. The average scope/salary of this course is around 361,060 rupees per annum. 

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