What is the Rhodes scholarship?
•The Rhodes scholarship is awarded to students to pursue post-graduate degrees in the University of Oxford, UK.
•It is the oldest and one of the most prestigious international scholarships.
•It was first awarded in the year 1902.
•The students from many countries are selected for the Rhodes scholarship.
•There is enough five Rhodes scholarship available for India.
•It is awarded day the Rhodes Trust of the United Kingdom.
•20 Rhodes constituencies are awarded the Rhodes scholarship.
•The Rhodes scholarship not only bears the fees of Oxford College but also gives a stipend to the students.
•The selection for Rhodes scholarship is not gender biased. Anyone can avail this scholarship with a stellar academic record.
Eligibility Criteria for Rhodes Scholarship for India
•The applicant must be a citizen of India, should hold an Indian passport or should have proof off citizenship.
•Students should have either passed class 12th from India or should be in the final year of their undergraduate degree.
•Candidates should be at least 19 years of age but not more than 25 years of age.
•For students of medicine who have completed their one year of internship, the age limit is extended by a year.
•The candidate should have literary and scholastic achievements.
•Should use one’s talents to the fullest.
•Should have a stellar academic record.
•Should have a record of participation in sports activities.
•Should have good leadership skills.
•Should have a moral character.
•The idea behind the Rhodes scholarship is to give an opportunity to an all-around candidate to pursue their post-graduate degree.
•The Rhodes scholarship is awarded for two years generally, but in some cases, it can be extended for one more year.
Documents required for the scholarship:
•The proof of academic record.
•CV or resume.
•Birth certificate
•An essay or personal statement
•List of referees.

Application Procedure:
•The candidates should apply for the scholarship online from the website www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk.
•The students should then submit the form with all the required documents.
•The candidates should read about the general information available on the official site of the Rhodes scholarship.
•The candidates should apply for the scholarship before the deadline.

What does the Rhodes scholarship cover?
•The Rhodes scholarship not only covers the entire fees of the post-graduate course but also provides a stipend to the students to cover their expenses in the UK.
•The students mostly get residential accommodation in the College, but if they want they can stay in the Rhodes House.
•The Rhodes house has numerous public rooms, garden, library, study area, and other facilities. It is an excellent choice for students who do not want to stay at the College.
Steps for getting the Rhodes scholarship:
•The eligibility of the candidates is checked.
•The candidates should are asked to select their desired course at Oxford University.
•The candidates then need to send their personal statements and reference letters.
•The documents are checked and gathered.
•Social engagement is conducted.
•The final interview takes place.


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