Engineering is probably one of the most sought after courses for graduation. However, what one may not realize is the plethora of specializations and subjects that engineering can provide. Gone are the days when mechanical and electrical engineering were the branches that attracted the most attention. One such stream that is rarely explored is that of biotechnology. Some of the old NITs as well most of the IITs offer excellent courses in this field. There is a common misconception that biotechnology doesn’t offer many opportunities in the future however this can be very strongly debated as medicine, science and technology go hand in hand and will always stay in demand.
Let us break down the concept of biotechnology to its very core: biotechnology is the marriage of concepts taken from biology, chemistry including some aspects of chemical engineering. Biotechnology wonderfully melds the application of science and engineering through the use of technology. Biotechnology goes down to the very root level of cells and deals with the modification and enhancement of biological organisms. Biotechnology is not only the new future for human medicine and healthcare but also for agriculture and animal husbandry. Some other industries where biotechnology is prevalent are pharmaceuticals, nutrition, textiles alongside environmental protection.
Biotechnology on a slightly more specific term can be quoted as the application of certain technologies that makes use of biological systems and their derivatives. Some of the common concepts used in the field of biotechnology are genetics, microbiology, animal cell culture, molecular biology, biochemistry, and embryology and cell biology. Other facets often include applications from chemical engineering, molecular biology, bioprocess engineering, and information technology along with bio-robotics. This addresses the misconception that most people peg to biotechnology by defining it as a branch of biological studies, however, it is much more than that and includes vast concepts of mathematics and engineering.
India offers a vast scope when it comes to finding career choices suited for students with a degree in biotechnology. Some of the sectors in India which mainly utilize concepts from biotechnology include bioinformatics, national bio-resource development, plant biology and marine biotechnology. Below is the list of industries which provide a huge demand for biotechnology graduates.
Drug and Pharmaceutical companies
Laboratory and Research
Chemical industry
Environment Control and Protection Boards
Waste Management
Energy and Bio-Fuels
Food Processing plants
Bio-Processing Industries just to point out a few.
Just like any other B.Tech program biotechnology is a four years course with a semester system just like other fields. In some institutions, the course is awarded a B.Sc degree and the duration of the degree is dependent on the college and is often subjected to change. Biotechnology is definitely going to herald in the age of technology where living beings and technology are being infused together to give greater results.


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