Advertising plays a vital role in society, in general, and in the business, in particular. It acts as a technique of sales promotion and modernism. Advertising is crucial in the case of the interior as well as global marketing. At the same time, it is necessary in the case of all types of products – old, well established and new. The basic objectives of advertising are to provide information, to attract attention, to create awareness and to influence the buying behavior of consumers.

This standard definition of advertising suggests some basic features of advertising. Firstly, the advertisement is paid for by the sponsor or advertiser. Secondly, advertising is non-personal selling. Thirdly, advertising acts as an important marketing tool for presentation and promotion of ideas, goods, and services. Lastly, advertising needs the sponsor of the message finalized.
The salient features of advertising are:

  1. Advertising provides information
  2. Advertising is a paid a form of communication
  3. Advertising is non – personal presentation
  4. Advertising gives publicity to goods, services, and ideas
  5. Advertising is by an identified sponsor
  6. Advertising is for persuasion
  7. Advertising is target oriented
  8. Advertising is an art, science, and profession.
  9. Advertising is an important element in the marketing mix, and
  10. Creativity – the essence of advertising.
    Advertising as we comprehend today has its cause in the early historical era. It is as old as the human civilization itself. Advertising has made steady progress over the centuries. Its need is growing along with the growth/expansion/ diversification of business activities. Many significant changes have taken place during the process of evolution of advertising, such as
    (1) Town criers,
    (2) Introduction of the printing press,
    (3) Newspapers,
    (4) Product advertising,
    (5) Radio advertising,
    (6) TV advertising and
    (7) Advertising agencies.
    The expansion of production activities, growth of market competition, a rising standard of living of people, downward development in socialism and communist economy and upward development in capitalist economy and globalization of business are some important socio-economic factors responsible for the rapid growth of advertising in this centuries. Advertising is bound to make rapid progress in the years to come. This may be due to market competition, a new development in the field of science and technology, new initiations in liberalization, privatization and globalization in the Indian economy. In fact of that, like other countries, advertising has a long history in India; it was officially recognized as a medium of mass communication only in the 18′ century.
    Advertising in India gained significance only after World War II with the birth of Advertising Agencies Association of India (AAAI) in September 1945. The Audit Bureau of Circulation (ABC) was started in India in 1948 and the Indian society of Advertisers in 1952. The Advertising club, Bombay was formed in 1962. All these organizations improved and encouraged advertising standards and growth of Indian Advertising.
    Today advertising not only plays a vital economic role in the scheme of national development, but it has an important educational, cultural and social part to play as well.
  11. Advertising stimulates demand for a product. It appeals to various motives of consumers to develop their predisposition towards the product being advertised.
  12. It supplements salesmanship and sales promotion and thus contributes to the success of the overall marketing strategy.
  13. Repeated advertising of a particular brand or service helps to develop a brand preference.
  14. It helps in increasing the sales volume of a company.
  15. As a sequel to an increase in the Sales volume, the cost per unit decreases at least to a certain level.
  16. It leads to an increase in profits of the company.
  17. By delivering psychological utility, advertising enhances consumer satisfaction.
  18. It boosts the image of the company and helps it in facing the keen competition prevailing in the modem business world.
  19. It helps in promoting educational and moral standards in the country.
  20. It creates employment opportunities in the field of advertising and other fields also and facilitates the process of economic growth and globalization of business.
    Television Advertising is the communication of advertising messages through the media of TV, during and in-between programmes and also sponsored programmes in the form of audio-visual films. Television advertisers can run their advertisements through over-the-air network forecast, local forecast or cable forecast. Television advertising is more gorgeous and operative because it is an audio-visual medium interesting and tempting to both the senses of sight and sound (eyes and ears). Altered methods and ways, such as spot announcements, sponsored programmes, etc. are used for broadcasting advertising messages.


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