Are you confused about accepting your first job offer? You are wondering which of these set-up’s would give you an enriching experience? Are you evaluating your chances of working in a startup environment or you are wondering what an MNC working culture would be like? Well, in reality, there is no perfect answer to that. Candidate needs to figure out what sort of an environment and roles do they want to be in. So here are some of the factors that you may want to consider before accepting your first offer letter.

Working in a startup-
Working in a startup prepares individuals to get into different profiles and take up multiple roles all at once. You may not have strict office hours, and you can even work from home when need be. Startups do not call for formal dressing and 24×7 professional working environments. However, you might have to be prepared to work at odd hours and the crucial calls on Sundays. Sometimes, one may have to give up on their weekly off’s too if they are working at a startup. While it may have some disadvantages, startup culture is loved by all.

  1. Uber cool working environment
  2. Early promotions
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. More responsibilities
  5. Teamwork


  1. Risk of job stability
  2. Work Pressure
  3. Unprofessional management
  4. Lack of resources
  5. Lower pay

Working in an MNC
Working in Multinationals can take you to your corporate dream. Excellent infrastructure, an army of people around might look tempting, but even that has a few cons. There is no way you can be late to the office if so, you might end up losing a day’s salary for not following the HR policies. While you are working in an MNC, you might be able to plan your trips because your assured leaves are not going anywhere. Moreover, you may even get to travel places while you meet clients.

  1. Good pay packages
  2. Job security
  3. Benefits
  4. Specialisation of work
  5. Adds value to your profile


  1. Efforts may go unnoticed
  2. Strict Timelines
  3. Office Politics
  4. Late Promotions
  5. Un-friendly working environment

To answer which of the working environments is better, there is no such perfect environment. Individuals might have to take a call based on what are they looking forward to. Do they want to have more roles and responsibilities while working at a startup, or they look forward to a safe working environment, the choice is all yours!


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